2022 m. March 22 d.

The Seimas Ombudsperson met with representatives of Amnesty International

The Seimas Ombudsperson Erika Leonaitė and the Head of the Human Rights Division of the Seimas Ombudsperson’s Office Vytautas Valentinavičius met with representatives of the Amnesty International Matteo De Bellis and Nicola Delvino. The meeting aimed at discussing Lithuania’s challenges caused by irregular migration across the Belarusian border. Representatives of the Amnesty International were interested in problems of migrants accommodated in Foreigners’ Registration Centers. At the meeting, the Seimas Ombudsperson highlighted problems related to irregular migration reviewed in Torture Prevention Reports.

The Seimas Ombudsperson drew the attention to lack of information and legal assistance to migrants. Moreover, the participants of the meeting discussed possible problems of violence in the Foreigners’ Registration Centers, as well as other issues, including lack of hygiene and cleanliness, as well as the need for psychological assistance. Representatives of the Amnesty International also inquired the Seimas Ombudsperson about the problems raised in the applications of migrants, and were interested in the progress of implementation of recommendations provided by the Seimas Ombudsperson.

The Seimas Ombudsperson drew the guests’ attention to the ongoing dialogue with the leadership of the Ministry of the Interior and the State Border Guard Service on the implementation of the recommendations, but also mentioned that the dialogue with the above-mentioned authorities is taking place in a new geopolitical context.

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