Mission, Vision and Values

Mission of the Seimas Ombudsmen’s Office

Attention and support to each and every person, the protection of human rights and freedoms by developing respect for them, by promoting personal and public dialogue in order the state authorities would properly serve to the people.


• Professionalism – we all are professionals in our fields, and each investigation is carried out by quality, integrity and responsibility. We are constantly looking for the best solutions, new working methods and forms, we desire knowledge and we are initiative by encouraging creativity and strive to excel.

• Collaboration – we act unanimously in the name of a common goal, share knowledge and experiences, discuss and help each other in good faith.

• Responsibility – we are responsible for our work and taken decisions. We perform our duties with integrity, dutifully, so that we can be proud of Seimas Ombudsmen’s institution and its activities.

• Respect for people – we believe that man is the most important value, we aim to listen and behave without prejudice, we are sensitive to another person’s opinion and situation, tolerant, and open to ourselves and to the public.

Seimas Ombudsmen’s Office Vision

We, Seimas Ombudsmen’s institution, are a well-known, authoritative and trusted by people, we are changing the government and public attitudes towards human rights and freedoms.

Legally, the recommendations of the Ombudsman’s are well reasoned, bringing legal certainty and therefore respected. We are motivated, energetic and active in social space. We are engaged in educational activities increasing awareness and understanding regarding the importance of consistent protection of human rights. We effectively cooperate with the state authorities and the public. Our everyday activities do change the situation in the state and promote to believe in it, also significantly contributing to the development of citizenship and respectful governmental treatment of man.