The human rights situation in Lithuania was discussed with the Speaker of the Parliament

10 January 2018

46634880612 7c501cff5a oAugustinas Normantas, the Head of the Seimas Ombudsmen's Office (a National Human Rights Institution) and Viktoras Pranckietis, the Speaker of the Parliament (Seimas) met to assess the human rights situation in Lithuania. The meeting focused on the current human rights situation and the challenges the State faces. By pointing out the critical human rights issues, the Seimas Ombudsman drew the attention of the Speaker of the Seimas to the crucial role of the Parliament in ensuring human rights in the country.

A. Normantas emphasised a lack of human rights education in Lithuanian schools which results in a widespread disrespect for human rights. At the same time focused on the problems of implementation of the recommendations provided by the United Nations Committee on Persons with Disabilities.

"Implementation is slow, so it might be possible to initiate the discussion of the implementation of these recommendations in the Seimas involving human rights organisations, and UN experts," noted the Seimas Ombudsman.

During the meeting, the Seimas Ombudsman also addressed the problems of weak activity of the National Land Service under the Ministry of Agriculture, talked about the principles of deinstitutionalisation of social care homes, explaining the value of smaller social care places as well as accessibility of social services at home. The issues of the right to receive information from state and municipal institutions as well as the problems of reforming the penitentiary system were also addressed.

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