The Seimas Ombudsmen discussed issues of implementation of the ECtHR judgment in the case L. v. Lithuania with the Ministers of Health and Justice

2 July 2018 

36615724 1981858775408042 2651888962339078144 nThe Seimas Ombudsmen Augustinas Normantas and Raimondas Šukys met with the Minister of Health Aurelijus Veryga and the Minister of Justice Elvinas Jankevicius to discuss implementation issues of ECtHR judgement in the case L. v. Lithuania. The representative of the Government of the European Court of Human Rights Karolina Bubnytė, who also participated at the meeting, introduced the realities of realisation of the ECtHR judgment in the case L. v. Lithuania and the main aspects of an implementation of this judgement.

During the meeting, the ECtHR judgment on the partly acceptable application submitted by L., a citizen of the Republic of Lithuania, to the ECtHR in respect of the lack of legal regulation regarding transsexuals in Lithuania, was discussed.

During the meeting, the Ombudsmen also noted that in order to implement the ECtHR judgement, not only medical but also legal issues should be solved. Ministers and the Seimas Ombudsmen have agreed that this is a sensitive topic that needs a cross-cutting analysis, including security issues, value issues and comparison with foreign practices.

Commenting on the feasibility of the implementation of the ECtHR judgement, Aurelius Veryga presented the Seimas Ombudsmen with key points of the implementation of the judgment, noting that support by politicians is needed: "There is an although a minor, but positive support from some politicians, which is the biggest incentive not to stop, but to move forward, in order to meet the needs of a particular part of the society”.

The Seimas Ombudsmen also discussed with guests the possibility to organise an international conference-discussion with an aim to draw the attention of politicians and other members of the society to the relevance of the problem and the need to implement the decisions of the ECtHR. In addition, the ministers agreed to seek dialogue with the members of the Government and politicians on the adoption of the legislation necessary for the implementation of ECtHR judgement L. v. Lithuania.

The Seimas Ombudsmen protect the human right to good public administration, which guarantees human rights and freedoms, supervise whether authorities fulfil their duty to serve the people and promote respect for human rights and freedoms while exercising the functions of the national human rights institution. The Seimas Ombudsmen also carry out national prevention of torture at places of detention under the Optional Protocol to the Convention against Torture and Other Cruel, Inhuman or Degrading Treatment or Punishment.

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