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The Seimas Ombudsmen's Office and the Association of Regional Radio Stations to be collaborating in creating broadcasts on human rights

14 May 2016

Zmogaus teises

The Association of Regional Radio Stations received funding from the Press, Radio and Television Support Fund for the project “Respect for democratic values and human rights – mission possible”, which was prepared with the help of the Seimas Ombudsmen's Office.

“The Seimas Ombudsmen's Office has always been looking for new forms of contributing to the human rights promotion countrywide; therefore, radio broadcasts in regional radio stations is one of the ways to increase the knowledge of the society on human rights and freedoms," noted the head of the Seimas Ombudsmen's Office Augustinas Normantas.

A sense of community, civic initiatives and activities that have an impact on the development of democratic values will be in the centre of broadcasts. Moreover, the radio programmes will focus on the corruption and bureaucracy as major factors causing widespread damage to the democratic societies. Also, considerable attention will be paid to the right to get information as well as techniques to fight against propaganda.

The radio performances that will be broadcasted on different regional radio stations such as "FM99“ (Alytus, Druskininkai), „A2“ (Vilnius), "Kapsai“ (Marijampolė), "Mažeikių aidas“ (Mažeikiai), "Pulsas“ (Panevėžys, Biržai), "RS2“ (Šiauliai), "Saulės radijas“ (Šiauliai), "Spindulys“ (Plungė), "Tau“ (Kaunas), "Tauragės radijas“ (Tauragė) will try to reveal the concept of human rights and seek to answer the question how the citizens can contribute to the implementation of human rights. Moreover, the role of the ombudsmen in protecting and ensuring human rights will be discussed in the radio casts.

Broadcasts (cycle) on human rights "Respect for democratic values and human rights – mission possible" will be aired on Mondays and Wednesdays and repeated on Saturdays and Sundays. Radio station „FM99” will be responsible for preparation of the programmes whereas the Seimas Ombudsmen's Office will provide advice on human rights issues.

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