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Focus of the International Human Rights Day – the right to know

10 December 2014

1503347 1430234410570484 5995647093635577312 n“The right to information is one of the most important ones. Having no proper information a person will not be able to properly defend his or her rights that had been violated. The assurance of the right to information is a sign of a developing society, which respects its members,” the Seimas Ombudsman Augustinas Normantas noted at the roundtable discussion “Right to know: boundaries and challenges” organised on the occasion of International Human rights Day.

Human rights are constantly reacting to new challenges, emerging in different situations of a society life. This year, the right to know is identified as the main one in relation to geopolitical situation and economical fluctuations as well as challenges created by free access to the Internet.

In the opinion of the head of the Seimas Committee on Human Rights Leonardas Talmontas, the maturity of the society can be evaluated by professionalism and ethical principles of those who disseminate information to the society and ability of an audience to choose objective sources of information. The politician also raised the question of having a right to be protected against unbiased, tendentious information. 

The adviser of the President of the Republic of Lithuania Gabija Grigaitė talked about the right to know that gets more shades of meaning in the light of informational war. In the opinion of the adviser, the right to know is more related to reliable and unbiased rather than tendentious and artificially constructed information.

The relation between the right to privacy and the right to know was discussed at the roundtable discussion. The head of the State Data Protection Inspectorate Algirdas Kunčinas also draw attention to the right to be forgotten. According to him, the information about us, which appears on the Internet without our will does not disappear from there, upon our wish.

The freedom of speech, the right to disseminate and receive information are fundamental human rights entrenched in the international and national legal acts. However, these rights have boundaries that are associated with the competing values of human rights

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