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The Seimas Ombudsman and the representative of UNHCR in Lithuania agreed to cooperate

7 October 2014

10710256 1392711750989417 5176140383710945074 oOn 7 October 2014, the Seimas Ombudsman Augustinas Normantas and the representative of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) in Lithuania Renata Kuleš agreed to cooperate in combating human rights violations.

During the meeting with the the Seimas Ombudsman A. Normantas, the representative of UNHCR in Lithuania, showed interest in performance of national prevention of torture in Lithuania and human right violations established by the Seimas Ombudsman in the Foreigners Registration Centre, the Refugees Reception Centre and Frontier Stations.

Moreover, the acting head of the Human Rights Division of the Seimas Ombudsmen’s Office Juras Taminskas introduced a national programme for the prevention of torture and discussed procedures for implementation of recommendations submitted by the Seimas Ombudsman concerning elimination of human rights violations.

“We constantly monitor and qualify how recommendations are being implemented in practice. After a written answer concerning implementation of the recommendations of the Seimas Ombudsman is received from monitored institutions, we often revisit them to ascertain whether the recommendations of the Seimas Ombudsman were implemented as well as to check whether they were implemented properly”, noted A. Normantas.

The meeting also served as a platform for a discussion concerning cooperation in performing the human rights monitoring in Frontier Stations. Furthermore, the representative of UNHCR in Lithuania R. Kuleš had an opportunity to acquaint the Seimas Ombudsman A. Normantas with the UN Detention Guidelines on the Applicable Criteria and Standards relating to the Detentions of Asylum Seekers and Alternatives to Detention.

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