29 April 2016 

IMG 20160426 091810On 26-27 April, 2016, the Seimas Ombudsmen Augustinas Normantas and Raimondas Šukys attended an international conference, "Human rights Challenges Now: The Ombudsmen Facing Threats", which was organised by the International Ombudsmen Institute.

Ombudsmen from across the globe discussed various human rights issues arising due to terrorist attacks in Europe. Privacy and data protection issues were at the heart of the discussions during the conference in Barcelona. Moreover, the negative attitudes towards refugees and unfair associations being made between refugees and security risks were also discussed in the meeting.

The ombudsmen addressed asylum policy and possible means to deter xenophobia in Europe during the conference. What is more, the ombudsmen's role in response to the refugee crisis in Europe were touched on in the discussion.

The Seimas Ombudsmen A. Normantas and R. Šukys attended discussions on the role of an ombudsman in tackling different social problems. Further, the possible application of Alternative Dispute Resolution as an alternative to litigation for the resolution of disputes in the daily ombudsmen's activity was also considered.

The Parliamentary Ombudsmen defend the human right to good public administration, which ensures human rights and freedoms, and oversees public authorities to ensure they comply with their duty to adequately serve the people. The Parliamentary Ombudsmen also carry out national prevention of torture at detention facilities under the Optional Protocol to the Convention against Torture and Other Cruel, Inhuman or Degrading Treatment or Punishment.